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Davis Double Century 2018
Communications & SAG Information

Event Date: Saturday May 19, 2018

Davis Bike Club Ride Information

DC Communications & SAG Coordinator Dave Nishikawa KC6YFG dhnishik@dcn.org

May 15, 2330 hrs. - Roster Update, APRS info updated.
April 27, 2345 hrs. - DBC ride info link corrected to current year's ride, set up info updated.
March 14, 1200 hrs. - Roster Update
March 06, 2000 hrs. - Initial DC18 info posted. Roll over of 2017 roster, pending update. Preliminary update on Start/Finish location change.

Course & Rest Stop Changes

Start/Finish Relocated
Start/Finish will be at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A Street (corner of A & 7th Sts.) due to renovation work at the Veterans Memorial Center.

Shorter Rides
The two shorter rides added last year will continue. Both shorter rides will start and end in Davis. They will leave Davis and travel reverse course to either Rest Stop 1/Forbes Ranch (short ride) or to approximately 10 miles past Rest Stop 7/Guinda (medium ride), and then return to Davis.

Pre Ride Meeting

Thursday May 17 at 1900 hrs.
The pre-ride meeting will be held at the Parking Lot behind Davis City Hall, at the corner of Russell Blvd. and B Streets. Directions to City Hall can be found HERE. We will be meeting at the west end of the parking lot, closest to A Street.

Talk-in on the K6MVR repeater, 147.000 - 136.5. SAG boxes, info packets (shirts, maps, freq plan), 900 radios, and APRS trackers should be available. Any op not able to make it can make other arrangements or pick up their stuff at Net Control on event day.

Friday Set Up

It looks like we will not be able to set up on Friday. We do not expect a Saturday morning set up to affect early shift communications.

Radio Plan

The radio plan will be similar to last year's, with 2m and 900 MHz being used. In addition, if the airborne repeater/digipeater is flying, a 440 MHz repeater linked to the 900 MHz repeater will be available. The 440/900 MHz airborne repeaters will provide handheld level coverage.

Net Control will be geared towards having enough ops to handle simultaneously 2-4 channels, minimizing the time needed for field units to get a response.


A separate packet frequency with special event digipeaters located on the course and in the airplane will be used. We do not use the national 144.390 frequency due to coverage and congestion issues. However, feel free to use the national channel if it's working better for you as we plan to get our beacons over the net. Net Control will be equipped to track APRS equipped units. Yaesu location beacons are not displayed on our ancient APRS+SA program but net control will try to keep track on aprs.fi for any Yaesu beacons (VX8, FT350, etc.)


View Printable Roster

This is the roster and shifts as the positions are being filled.
Due to the high number of returning ops, an (*) will denote those that have confirmed for this year.

Status Key:

* Confirmed
? Need Confirmation